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Mineral County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA) Is your one stop source for economic development. This website has been designed to provide valuable information for doing business in Mineral County, Nevada. You are not required to have a membership to come in for services, all services are free to the public. Donations are gratefully accepted if you find our services valuable to your industry.

Mineral County offers unlimited opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper. We welcome you to contact us to learn why our county is one of the best places to relocate your industry in the United States.

MCEDA partners with Nevadaworks and The Governor's Office of Economic Development. We are the business development office and economic development office. We are a member of the newly formed Highway 95 Regional Development Authority. We teach NxLevel classes and any other class as requested by the community. NOW we are expanding placing the entire County online so we can expand our commerce globally as part of our business retention and expansion program.

One of our primary goals is workforce development. We are affiliated with Nevadaworks as the local service provider formerly known as It's About Jobs. We offer citizens who are seeking employment a resource center for the purposes of applying for jobs, developing resumes, and assistance with the skills and training to achieve job placement. (Download PDF Brochure).

We are supported directly and indirectly by grants from: The Governor's Office of Economic Development, , Nevadaworks, Community Development Block Grants, USDA, Western Nevada Development District, USDA and SBDC. We are also supported by the memberships paid by local business owners and citizens.

We are not a part of Mineral County Government. We are not supported financially by Mineral County Government. Our operations are funded by donations and grants.
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Mineral County

Mineral County is the perfect place to build your new company. Our local government is friendly, helpful and ready to make your move here as easy as possible. We have plenty of available land, water and power, and new sewer and water lines have been installed this year in an area being prepared for further industrial expansion.

Industrial sites are now available for lease in our Airport Industrial Park, as well as 400 undeveloped acres of land available for Airport related projects.

If you have any questions about Mineral County, please feel free to contact us or stop by our office, adjoining the Hawthorne Ordinance Museum, across from the Mineral County Convention Center: We look forward to working with you!

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County-Wide FREE WiFi Map

Mineral County is quickly expanding to include the education and support needed to place EVERY BUSINESS AND ORGANIZATION in the county online.

The online presence will power a robust "Buy Local Program" and be used to provide dynamic search tools to benefit our local economy.

The WIFI map is updated by members who login to optimize their business for search locally and through search engines like Google®.

We invite you to view our FREE WIFI MAP and visit that location while in Mineral county.